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Our annual year end charity Kancamagus Cruise is almost here! This cruise is designed to benefit the Nashua Children's Home and provide them with an invaluable gift, the chance for normalcy and to wake up on Christmas and unwrap gifts like so many others do during the holiday season. The cruise will be held on December 6th 2015, for further details please visit our Facebook Group (if you are a member check the events section) OR email us at and request information including times/meeting spots.

Please continue to register for the cruise and either Grant A Wish or Donate! Registration will be open the day of the event but we request that anyone planning on attending pre-register here. Thank you for your time and your donation to the cause!

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Because this is a charity cruise, You MUST choose to “Grant a Wish” or “Make a Donation” below.

Grant a Wish!

You will be provided with your child's first name, last initial, age, shoe size, pant size, shirt size, favorite color and their "Wish Item". Your goal is to purchase the wish item, you may also get family and friends involved in purchasing additional items with the other field information provided. Please wrap your gifts and LABEL each item with the Child's first name and last initial. Price ranges vary on wish items, if you feel you will be unable to purchase the wish item for any reason, please email us at as soon as possible.

Emails will start going out with sponsor wish/child information starting the week of November 16th, 2015.

*** If you choose to sign up for a child and "Grant A Wish" you must attend the cruise or contact us at to arrange a drop off time for your gift item in the Manchester area BEFORE Sunday December 14th. If you are unsure you will be able to attend or drop off your wish item please select “Proceed to Donation Page”.

Make a Donation!

If you can’t grant a wish or are unsure if you can make the cruise a donation will also help the cause! If you have any questions please email and please make your donations on or before December 14th 2015.

Please click the link below to proceed to the donation page.